Images  that  MEAN something!


Sheri Frazier has an Art & Graphic Art Degree from Hastings College, along with a Business Degree.

Why is this important? We believe there are two things that are critical when shooting pictures of people and moments – 1) THE ART – the ability to intertwine a client’s vision with a photographer’s creative process 2) THE BUSINESS – plan, process, dependability & professionalism.

Sheri and/or her team always consult with every client on their vision. For weddings, this includes understanding the vision of the client and making a “plan” for that very busy day to capture that vision. Sheri believes the best creative photographers always have a clear plan for the day that allows for them to be more artistic and creative. This means outlining the who, what, where & when of the big day. This allows the couple not to be worried that the pictures they want will be captured. After all, pictures are one of the most important ways for you to remember that day.

Sheri and her husband live near Denver, Colorado. They travel often and love to ski, golf, entertain, backpack and take in a good movie!